About Christine

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Christine started her career as a Graphic Designer and went on to teach Graphics in Higher Education before starting up her own studio in Hertfordshire, from where she has painted and taught ever since, running courses and workshops and organising painting holidays in the UK and abroad.

She has always been dedicated to teaching but wanted more freedom to expand and develop her own creative and artistic abilities and her regular art classes and the working space that her studio has provided has given her the best of both worlds. 

Her first love was always flowers and she studied botanical painting but eventually found it too restrictive and needed to branch out into a freer style and different genres and media. Now working in oil, acrylic and mixed media over a range of subjects from still life ,landscape, portraiture, figure and animals she has been able to do that but has never lost her love and enthusiasm for teaching and is always looking for new ways of passing on her skills and knowledge and enjoys the companionship that her classes provide. 

She has exhibited and sold her work in both the UK and France and spends much of her time in the Lanquedoc where she is able to dedicate her time to sketching and painting the people and local scenes that she has grown to love.